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About Benjamin's Wildlife Fine Art Images

Benjamin’s work reflects his inventiveness, but equally apparent is his profound connection to nature. His forays into the wilderness—whether in Appalachia, the greater United States, or abroad—are meticulously planned. He studies geography, weather patterns, flora, and fauna. He camps and hikes in extreme conditions, in places where tourists rarely venture. His body of wildlife fine art photography celebrates nature and presents it with consummate artistry, but it is more than a call to admire; it is a call to action. Every frame reflects the timeless beauty of nature, but also communicates Benjamin’s deep passion for preserving and protecting our world’s natural heritage.

“The wild lands and animals in so many corners of our nation largely owe their continued existence to the efforts and visions of a handful of conservationists in the early 1900s. All of this vastness, beauty, and potential are being sheltered by the idea we call conservation. That is so inspiring that I can’t help but to aspire to do great things—near-impossible things—with my own work.”