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Fun fact — a herd of elephants is called a ‘parade” because they often travel in a long line when marching from one destination to the next. For years I’ve been on a quest to capture an image that isolates this beautiful yet simple formation and have failed more times than I care to admit. However, my vision was finally realized in this image, which I simply refer to as Parade.

In order to exaggerate the simplicity of the ‘parade’ and bring out the personalities of each herd member, I began over exposing the marching herds. This rendered the details of the sky and grasses hues of white while bringing out the normally hidden shadow details in the elephant’s massive bodies. Yet, something was still missing…

Elephants have a magnificent sense of smell, so as this herd approached my 4×4 they put their trucks up to see if any scents would give them a clue as to who or what I was — those raised trunks proved to be the perfect finishing touch to my composition. As the herd passed by I knew I had finally captured the essence of the ‘parade.’


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