The Huntress
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The Huntress

Frontier SeriesTM

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Male lions usually get all the attention, but in many ways female lions reign over the Serengeti. They care for the young, defend the pride, and most critically–they hunt! The lioness is a force to be reckoned with. Yet, her prowess is less “showy” than the male lions, with their flashy manes and deep roars. In short, the true essence of the lioness is elusive and difficult to capture in a single frame.

In Feb 2020 I entered the central Serengeti — a place I’ve come to know as a second home. Yet, record rains from the preceding months had nurtured the usually tame savanna into a ‘grass forest’ and I barely recognized the place. This foreign environment required adaptation to all — I was searching for subjects in a seeming tidal wave of grasses and this lioness was trying to find a way to spot distant prey. Somehow, in this chaos, we found each other as she emerged on a fallen tree. In truth, she would have climbed on anything to get a vantage point, but luckily, there was pure magic in her chosen environment. The stoic tree, the setting sun, and dramatic skies seemed to all amplify her presence. I had finally found a moment worthy of the queen of the jungle.


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